Shape cover C-SET

FLEXANORM® Shape covers with adhesive strips, made of U-shaped welded PE film in C-shape, therefore easy and quick to pull on. The cover can be securely attached to the C-arm with the help of the appropriately placed adhesive surfaces.

For image intensifiers and X-ray tubes, supplementary covers with welded-in, double rubber bands for better durability, are included in the set.

Set containing

• Shape cover for C-arm (REF: 34500)

Completely unfolded: 130 x 1650 (x 80 mm)

• Cover hood for image intensifier (REF: 30054)

Size: 400+170 x 520 mm

• Cover hood for X-ray tube unit (REF: 30061)

Size: 450+170 x 560 mm

REF: 34521

Minimum order: 20 pcs.