C-set for clasp

For robust and manoeuvrable C-arms, the STERINORM® cover for clasp is a proven multitasking partner in the operating area.

The STERINORM® cover for clasp can be pulled on by a staff member within a few seconds and reliably covers 2/3 of the C-arm. The cut-outs in the clasp provide sufficient space for supply and discharge hoses.
Specially developed PE covers support fast covering by a single staff member and, with their tight fit, provide more sterile safety. Suitable cover-products reduce the complicated cleaning and maintenance effort.

Set containing

• Hose cover for C-arm clasp (REF: 34100)

Completely unfolded: 310 x 2100 mm

• Cover hood for image intensifier (REF: 30094)

Size: 600+400 x 550 mm

• Cover hood for X-ray tube unit (REF: 30061)

Size: 450+170 x 560 mm

REF: 34171

Minimum order: 20 pcs.